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A Brief Background of Loving Mother General Hospital and Diagnostic Center
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Brief Background


    “A new and modern hospital that provides the most advanced medical knowledge, expertise and service!”

The establishment of the Hospital is a fulfillment of the life-long dream of its owner, Ms Alademia C. Mallari, to be of service to the less- privileged by providing affordable health care and so that she could give back to the community in gratitude for all her blessings.  Her goal is to leave this legacy to her children, for them to continue serving the community through the Hospital.

Ms.  Mallari believes in the tenet that “to those whom much is given, much is expected in return,” and that God endows each one with talents and blessings and how one nurtures and uses these to serve others is one’s gift to God. By calling the hospital Loving Mother, an attribute of the Blessed Virgin Mary of whom she is a devotee, she hopes that the Hospital will provide a healing and compassionate refuge to the sick.

Our Vision:

To be the front runner for comprehensive quality healthcare services.

Our Mission:

To be a provider of exemplary quality health care services that are readily accessible, cost-effective, and responsive to the needs of our clients through our team of competent and compassionate professionals.

Our Core Values:

  • Pursuit of Excellence
  • Service with Integrity
  • Compassionate Care
  • Quest for Innovation
  • Teamwork and Partnership

Quality Policy

Loving Mother General Hospital and Diagnostic Center Inc. is committed to deliver cost-effective, compassionate and excellent health care services that meet international quality standards and are legally compliant.  It works hard to provide a safe environment that keeps the satisfaction of patients and staff in the center of continuous improvement of services.